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Deck Refinishing/Staining

This service is estimated based on sqft. and cost of material. Pricing per ft.² varies based on the type of old coating needing to be removed, obstacles or additions to the deck that need removing to properly complete the service, and the complexity of the access to varying parts of the project area.


If you're interested please reach out to schedule a time for us to come take measurements and assess the project area.


Our process generally involves a chemical stripping of old stains both oil and water-based.

Secondly, we perform a chemical brightening of the wood and neutralizing of our stripping agent.

This is followed by screwing down any loose boards and a thorough sanding of the entire project area in preparation for a new stain application.

Lastly, we apply a high-quality contractor-grade oil-based stain that won't flake or peel. This is sure to last a minimum of 3 years before needing a simple and less costly recoat.

Our stain options come in a variety of colors to choose from.

*We offer a 2-year warranty on our work should the stain prematurely fail or fade due to errors in the application.

*Upon customer's preference we will use stain options that aren't directly recommended by us, although this option would void any warranty of our work. 

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 * Some prices are estimate based and your cost may be higher than our listed starting rate 

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