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Window Screen Mesh Repair

Screen mesh can become brittle and worn over time. The UV exposure and changes in temperature will gradually wear down the mesh until it requires replacement. We offer re-meshing of up to 3 screens on-site, as an add-on to window cleaning.  Pricing starts at $20 up to $75 for larger screen doors. 

* For orders of 3 or more screens, we may opt to repair them at our shop to complete your order. Please allow us at least a week to return and reinstall your screens. 

Window Screen Building

You may find that your home is missing screens. Some frames are damaged and bent, or the hardware is cracking and breaking. We offer screen building for most standard vinyl windows with universal, non-proprietary hardware. This service includes new frames, corner connections, pull tabs, springs, spline, and mesh. Pricing starts at $50 for smaller screens and up to $120 for larger screens.

We begin by taking measurements of the screen track on your window to ensure a proper fit. We then take these measurements back to our shop to complete your build. Lastly, we return your screen and install it for you.

*Currently we only offer white framing material for screen builds

*Please allow a minimum of one week before we can complete and return your screen.

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 * Some prices are estimate based and your cost may be higher than our listed starting rate 

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