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Residential Dryer Duct Cleaning

Starting at $150 as a stand-alone service for any main-level or basement-level dryer, or $125 as an add-on to any of our other services.
Second-story ladder access dryer vent starts at $225.
Roof access dryer vent starts at $250

This process uses specialized equipment to brush away any lint or debris lining your dryer's duct. Sure to clear out any obstructions or trapped material. All debris is vacuumed away in the laundry area and your dryer's lint trap is cleaned of any loose lint upon completion.


Clogged dryer duct full of lint
Clogged dryer duct full of lint
Lint removed from clogged dryer duct
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 * Some prices are estimate based and your cost may be higher than our listed starting rate 

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